Capabilities and Advantages
Production Process:
 Regular Compression Molding       Vacuum Compression Molding       Injection Molding       Transfer Molding
Production Equipment Capability:
 Maximum Tonnage: 500 Tons       Maximum Heating Plate Size: 1100mm * 800mm
Rubber Material List:
We can design material formula based on customers¡¯ requirements. We are capable of manufacturing products with the following material:
 EPDM       SILICONE       Neoprene       FKM       HNBR       NBR       ACM       AEM       SBR       IIR       PU       PS       CPE       CSM       ECO       BR       NR       IR       Other Customer Specified Material
Our Advantage:
 Quality products at the most competitive price.

 First-class quality of customer service. Our energetic team will respond to you for any quality, delivery and price issues in a timely manner.
 Low set-up charges, free for standard masking products.
 Shorter lead-time.
 Quick response to RFQ¡¯s (normally within 24 hrs).
 Solid experience with formulation and tooling can help to improve production efficiency and save cost for customers without sacrificing quality.